Makeup has evolved over time. Makeup originated in Egypt, a country in northern Africa. Ancient Egyptians wore eyeliner and lipstick. Some of them even wore wigs, and put on lotion and perfume! Click here to learn more about Ancient Egyptian beauty.

Anyone can go on Instagram and see the latest trends being posted by models and youtubers. It is not talked about nearly enough that the makeup world would be nothing without Black people. Many popular makeup trends originated in Black culture. Makeup styles like glittery eyeshadow, dark lip liner with gloss, and contour were popularized by famous Black women in the 90’s. Click here to learn more about how Black people have influenced the beauty world.

It is also important to talk about the lack of options Black people have when looking for makeup. More often than not companies will make less dark foundation or concealer shade options thus limiting the number of people that have dark skin that can use the products. It is completely unfair that BIPOC have fewer options to choose from simply because companies don’t want to spend the time to make shades that match every person. Click here to learn more.

When trying to buy from Black-owned businesses in stores, it is hard with makeup. The most popular makeup stores in the country don’t have many options. Sephora only sells 2 brands owned by a Black person and Ulta only has three. The brands sold at Sephora are Fenty Beauty (owned by Rihanna), and Pat McGrath Labs. The brands sold at Ulta are Juvia’s Place, Beauty Bakerie, and Uoma Beauty. It might be better to buy directly from the source. Click here for a list of Black-owned makeup brands.