Welcome to Grafton RISE!

Grafton RISE is an acronym for Racial Inclusion and Social Equality. We are an anti-racist discussion and action group that started on Facebook. We are located in Grafton, Massachusetts, a small town in central Massachusetts.

We are working to promote anti-racism in our town through group discussions, reading groups, weekly standouts, and more.

This is a safe space for Grafton residents to discuss and address racism in town and on a national level. We are here to reflect on and create space for BIPoC in the community to share their experiences as Grafton residents.

We also work to provide resources for white folks on an anti-racist journey to learn more about systemic racism and act as allies. We promote education and actions (small and large). Our hope is to organize to create a more inclusive and respectful community.

What does BIPoC mean?

BIPoC is an acronym for Black, Indigenous, and people of color and is pronounced “bye-pock."

This term is specific to the United States, and is intended to center the experiences of Black and Indigenous groups and demonstrate solidarity between communities of color.

What is Systemic Racism?

Systemic Racism is also known as Institutional Racism that results in inequities for racial minorities in:

  • housing discrimination

  • government surveillance

  • social segregation

  • racial profiling

  • predatory banking

  • access to healthcare

  • hiring/promotion practices

  • mandatory minimum sentences

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