Mission and Vision

What is Our Goal?

We work towards dismantling systemic racism.

We engage the community in brave conversations that affect real change. Our efforts center on building awareness, solutions, and leadership to eradicate racial injustices and the oppression of all marginalized groups in our community, by generating ideas, information, and experiences.

Earnest dialogue, empathy, and active listening are keys to challenging our assumptions and breaking down barriers. We speak out on injustices and implement change within and beyond Grafton.

Who are We?

We are local voices focused on anti-racist actions and education. We aspire to inform and transform the greater Grafton community regarding intersectional racial justice.

What is Intersectional Racial Justice?

Intersectional racial justice captures the connection among movements for:

  • trans lives

  • LGBTQIA+ rights

  • feminism

  • womanism

  • dis/ability

  • environmental justice

  • food justice

  • faith

  • Indigenous peoples' and Native rights

  • immigration justice...

It sits in the context of social justice, focusing on how social identities do not exist in isolation but overlap across race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, ability, citizenship, nationality, and age, etc.

This complex system of overlapping identities allows us to recognize how oppression and/or privilege work together and are deeply intertwined. It also allows us to work from a place of empowerment and solidarity instead of guilt, fear, or divisiveness.