Though we are still in a pandemic that does not mean we can't start planning for our Hot Girl Summer!! Black people have been through a lot in 2020, and we deserve a getaway. Whether that's out of the country or out of your town, I'm sure a lot of people had their travel plans ruined by COVID which hopefully has allowed you to save up. But if it didn't that's okay, you can always start now. A lot of travelers will say it's better to plan a year ahead before you travel, especially if it's a long trip. Unfortunately with everything in the world, Black people have to take that extra step to make sure they will be in a safe environment. This also applies to traveling, especially if you plan on traveling solo, which is why we will be going over the ways to save up, be safe while traveling, and enjoy your trip. People often view traveling, especially traveling abroad as representing a certain amount of privilege that is not generally associated with minorities. Yes, traveling is a privilege but that does not mean anyone who isn't a part of the "majority" can't travel.

Traveling can be expensive, especially if you are on a tight budget, and don't plan a budget for your trip. This is why I've gathered a list of tips from full-time solo travelers on planning, budgeting, and enjoying your trip:

  • Depositing money from your paycheck every two weeks.

  • Track your spendings.

    • Reducing your spending on the non-essentials. For example eating out less, canceling services you rarely used, and skipping smaller vacations.

  • Shop locally.

  • Look for inexpensive flights on airlines such as Spirit, Ryanair, Easyjet, etc.

    • Or using online travel agents such as Expedia

    • Travel during the seasons that are less busy, take the winter which is usually more expensive because airlines know people will be traveling to see their families.

  • Sell things you don't use anymore.

  • Make extra money on the side if you have the means to do so.

  • If you have somewhere you really want to go, plan at least a year ahead of your trip.

  • Do your research on where you plan on going, is it safe? Is it worth the risk? Anything you can find out about your desired destination.

  • Be careful around locals and other guests. Sometimes it's best to lie if you are getting asked questions you don't want to answer.

  • Travel with a group, not only will it be safe but it'll also be less expensive.

  • Stay connected with friends and family.

  • Be open to new experiences, and don't let anyone ruin your mood.

A lot of Black travel bloggers have explained that they don't always experience outright racism while traveling abroad, it's usually microaggressions. Yet that doesn't mean you should take as many steps as you can be safe. Click here for more articles on preparing for a trip.